After a dueling scene ends in death, actress Anna McKay must determine if it was an accident or murder before she becomes the next victim!

Not Meant To Be

Single at 40? Not Meant To Be explores one woman’s journey to discover God’s redemptive plan when things don’t go as planned.


An actor who plays a detective on television is thrust into the middle of a mystery when he meets a beautiful woman on a plane.  Will live up to the heroic image of his television persona, or die trying?

Praise for Pedestal

“London is almost another character in the book because of the descriptions of the Museum, restaurants and palaces.” –Cheryl P.

Praise for Not Meant to Be

“The principles in this book can be applied to any area of our walk with God. Great read!!”–Goodreads Reader

Praise for Duel

Guys—this boooooook! If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll love it. If you’re curious what life behind the scenes of a tv production is like, you’ll love it. If you love a good multi-layered mystery ala Agatha Christie, you’ll love it. If you love Jane Austen…you guessed it–you’ll love it. TRUST ME. YOU WILL LOVE IT!” – Marisa Baker @theunwrittenword

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